Fnatic Control Collection

8th of September, 2020:
Had the pleasure to create 3D shots to advertise the release of the Fnatic Control Collection clothing line.
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more MILK

22nd of August, 2020:
Writing about the voices and realization behind the design of the car.
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21st of August, 2020:
Exploring Blender to create a complex looking scene from scratch. Contains strong and extremely true messages!
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Matstubs Visuals

29th of April, 2019:
Visual loop I created for the OG Matstubs.
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11th of March, 2020:
First nightly personal artwork of 2020!
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5th of April, 2020:
I might have elaborated a little on this scene from last night. Thanks to JOYRYDE and HARD Recs for featuring!
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Sanctuary Concepts

1st of August, 2019:
Early concepts for content created with solid.karbon for Dion Timmer's show at Bass Canyon 2019.
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17th of April, 2020:
Little animation from last night.
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N.A.D. Titles

5th of October, 2019:
Little titles project I did for practice in about one week. Thanks to Carnival&Lent for the sound.
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27th of August, 2019:
Procedural texturing experiment in Substance Designer.
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Rekoil Visuals

30th of August, 2019:
Visuals loop I made for Rekoil.
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無礼 Uncivil

5th of April, 2019:
Trial. Part of Ruiner Recreation artworks.
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21st of March, 2019:
It's pronounced Ickbae En Iko.
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Dion Timmer Neon Phantom Tour

9th of June, 2019:
Some clips from my work for Dion Timmer's Neon Phantom tour! Intro camera: Andrew Freeman, Intro VFX: Chromfell
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Dion Timmer @ Lost Lands 2018

14th of September, 2018:
I made a couple of clips for Dion Timmer's show at Lost Lands 2018.
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Finally Animated

21st of January, 2019:
Fan art for Eptic I built and animated in 2017, dug it up and finally rendered it out in full resolution.
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Post Libertas

10th of December, 2018:
The nights are getting long now.
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Nightly Overdose

4th of September, 2018:
I couldn't sleep.
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Conditioned Living

2nd of February, 2018:
Wanted to see how far I could go with only a single displacement texture.
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Neon Guys

20th of February, 2018:
I was commissioned to create some neon guys for the Late Night crew, used as on-screen notifications and alerts.
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Late Night

30th of October, 2017:
A little looping clip I made for the Late Night crew, and it was used as a live backdrop for years.
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Dion Timmer @ Lost Lands 2017

1st of September, 2017:
I made a couple of clips for Dion Timmer's show at Lost Lands 2017.
alley flythrough (youtube)
trailer (instagram)


25th of July, 2017:
Dead Skull knows.
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Beijing 2050

28th of July, 2017:
This image doesn't have any hidden meaning.
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Ruined Heavens

23rd of June, 2017:
A quick take on Ruiner's Prologue Environment.
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Highrise Downside

14th of July, 2017:
New stuff using recent texture sets. Construction site thing! With japanese lettering! Ain't that crazy?
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Ornate Gods

4th of July, 2017:
Made some ornate building displacements. Here's a quick showcase piece.
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1OOO Souls

19th of June, 2017:
Celebrating 1000 followers on Instagram.
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Moving Castle

4th of June, 2017:
For Moving Castle.
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20th of May, 2017:
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26th of March, 2017:
Deep black, shining.
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7th of November, 2016:
Spectral beings.
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26th of October, 2016:
Ambient. Sharp. Blush.
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